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A Multifaceted Artist

Content Creation

Multifaceted Artist. Amanda Lan. Join me on a journey where design meets strategy, to create visual narratives that resonate and engage.

Join me on a journey where design meets strategy, and together we’ll create visual narratives that resonate and engage.

Amanda Lan - Multifaceted Artist

40+ Years of Fashion, Health, Wellness, and Media Design Experience

I am a multifaceted artist, skilled in graphic design and textile innovation, as well as a martial artist, committed to bringing businesses to life via dynamic creation, strategic execution, and meticulous development.

Content Creation

Embark on a creative odyssey with Amanda Lan, a multifaceted artist specializing in content creation. Discover a synergy where design meets strategy, weaving visual narratives that resonate and engage.

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Content Creation

Discover Amanda Lan, a multifaceted artist specializing in content creation. Join me on this artistic journey, unlocking the power of compelling storytelling through captivating visuals.


Business Owner @  Shaolin Cafe  /  2007 to Present

As a Content Producer and Strategist with expertise in interactive tutorial interfaces and online learning platforms, my responsibilities include creating and managing content for various mediums such as graphics, design, videography, and photography. Additionally, I am involved in importation, and supply chain management, covering operational, strategic, and tactical aspects. My role extends to marketing and strategic thinking, with knowledge of economics and human resources. As the co-owner and founder of 1MindBodyFitness, a martial arts health and wellness center, I play a key role in the overall management and direction of the business.

Head Design Room @  New Colours, Brantex, Stokells /  1993 to 2006

As the head of the art department in the field of textile design, my responsibilities include overseeing, managing, recruiting, and training a team of textile designers. I would be involved in CAD rendering and storyboard creation for renowned brands. Additionally, I serve as a liaison for both international and local brands, taking on roles as a colorist and textile buyer. My duties extend to in-store consultations and advice. Beyond design aspects, also oversee brand awareness, marketing efforts, and the importation process. Ensuring client satisfaction, performing quality assurance to understand client needs and requests, and contributing to the optimization of innovative solutions within the textile industry.

Partner @  International Kim Loong Wushu Centre /  1990 to Present

As a partner, I play a key role in managing, recruiting, and training clients. Rebranded the business to 1MindBodyFitness; from concept to finalisation. Additionally, tasked with organizing and promoting cultural events, as well as supervising brand awareness, marketing, and innovation efforts. My role extends to the development of community programs through both international and national collaborations. Notably, I hold a coaching certification in 7th Dan Chinese Kung Fu and am recognized as a 4th Dan Health Qigong Technical Degree Certified Instructor by IHQF. Moreover, I serve as the BRICS Health Qigong Instructors Online Training South Africa Representative for CHQA & IHQF China.

Textile Designer  @  Clothing Industry  /  1985 to 1992

My initial expertise stems from my years of working in the fashion industry as a colour separator/negative maker, colorist, darkroom reproduction work, textile designer, and hand-painted artwork, and earned a Fashion Design Diploma. Also facilitating in-house worker relations. Positions: 1. Textile Color Separation Trainer to impart knowledge and skills related to textile color separation, for print rendering. The role involved training individuals in the techniques and processes essential for preparing images and designs for screen printing in the textile industry.  2. Worker Relations Officer for Anglo-Vaal managing various aspects of employee relations. This included overseeing the hiring and firing processes, resolving workplace conflicts, and promoting a positive and productive work environment.


Over the past 40 years, I have amassed extensive experience as a content producer and strategist, specializing in interactive tutorial interfaces and online learning platforms. My proficiency extends to graphics, videography, and photography, showcasing a versatile skill set in multimedia content creation.

In the realm of import supply chain management, I have expertise in handling operational, strategic, and tactical aspects. My understanding of the complexities within supply chains underscores my ability to navigate the intricacies of import processes.

My professional journey has also involved delving into business, marketing, and strategic thinking, where I have demonstrated a keen understanding of economic principles and human resources management. This multifaceted expertise positions me as a well-rounded professional capable of addressing diverse business challenges.

Beyond my professional endeavours, my commitment to Chinese Kung Fu is evident through my impressive achievements, holding a 7th Dan in Kung Fu. Additionally, earning certification as a 4th Dan Health Qigong Technical Degree Instructor showcases my dedication to holistic well-being. My role as the BRICS Health Qigong Instructors Online Training SA Representative further reflects my commitment to promoting health and wellness.

Furthermore, my involvement as a co-owner and founder of a Health and Wellness Center highlights my entrepreneurial spirit and leadership in fostering a positive impact on individuals’ health and fitness.

In summary, my 40 years of experience paint a rich tapestry of skills and accomplishments, ranging from content production and supply chain management to martial arts expertise and contributions to health and wellness. This diverse background positions me as a seasoned professional with a unique blend of skills and a holistic approach to both business and personal well-being.





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Amanda Lan

My expertise extends beyond conventional limits, seamlessly merging commercial, AI, and digital design from concept to execution. Beyond pixels and vectors, I’ve delved into the intricacies of code, creating a distinctive tapestry that speaks to the languages of the past, present, and future.


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