Date: 2018-09-20 22:00:00

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I’M TESTING THE BEST SLIME HACKS AND FIXES! LEARN HOW TO FIX BAD SLIME. I’ll show you why your slime isn’t working and I’ll be testing slime ingredients and comparing them. These are some of my favorite slime hacks. Fix your butter slime and fluffy slime. Learn which clay is best for mixing. Compare clear glue versus face mask versus peel off lip gloss slime. What is the best no glue slime? Does clear slime or white slime make the best butter slime? Learn how to fix that old stiff slime. Some of the slime tests were requested by our Instagram followers. Of course, all of these slimes can be no borax. I know I did a bunch of testing no glue slimes but I thought it would be fun to test slime hacks for a little bit. What do you need to make slime? Watch and see! I hope you enjoyed these viral slime hacks! Let me know in the comments what viral slime trend recipes you would like me to test in an upcoming video. How do you make slime? Let me know.

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